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A new kind of charity

Love2Give is different from mainstream charities in that all of the funds raised through our various events and challenges are used directly for those being helped. Geographic restrictions on where help can be provided means that those who contribute or donate to the charity can see exactly how their contributions have been used.

Love2Give is aimed at helping people in our local community who are struggling with day to day life and have been refused help from the local authority or other charities. In most of the cases we have worked on so far, the majority have been disadvantaged or disabled children and vunerable adults. From providing equipment that helps to ease day to day life to creating safe garden environments and sensory rooms to help children grow and develop, our aim is to improve quality of life and bring happiness where non existed before. We do this simply because we Love2Give.

Do you feel you could benfefit from the help Love2Give offers? if so please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

The links below take you to various areas of our site which contain information on projects and events and how you can get involved.

  • Our projects page shows some of the work we have done in our local community.
  • The events page has information on past as well as up-coming fund raising events.
  • Our blog has posts and status's that we've shared along our journey.
  • Check out our Giving pages. These are donation pages set up by our supporters. They provide a personalisable place for friends and family to make their donations directly to Love2Give in a supporters name for events they have or are intending to participate in.
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